The Petriun is authorized in Brazil to distribute the Maximator products in the industries automobile, offshare, aviation, aerospace, siderurgical, nuclear, paper and cellulose, druggist, naval , etc.


Products Maximator with Guarantee

Air driven and Gas boosters (40 bar - 1500 bar)
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Air amplifiers

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Valves, fittings and tubings

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Hight pressure pumps
- 4.000 bar

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Hydraulic, pneumatics test equipment

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Just confers with the Petriun the benefits that the Maximator only can to provide.

The others distribuitions:

To be able to offer the best solutions in industrial automation for your company, we count on the products of our partners:


Petriun - Distribution Maximator
Development of special machines.
Test with hight and low pressure: liquid, air and gas, automation for Industry, fast devices and hooks - São Paulo