We are specialized in high pressure test equipment, customer development of special devices and fast hooks up to 700 bar.

The developed machines use the most diverse and modern technological resources, providing a highly favorable cost-benefit ratio.

 Test Benches

  • Pressure;
  • Test of leakage;
  • Functional tests;
  • Hydrostatic test of valves and connections;
  • Impulse test;
  • Test volumetric expansion;
  • Test deformation with reading optical or electronic measurement;
  • Test break.

Machine of line test

máquina máquina máquina máquina máquina máquina máquina

Machine of type test

máquina máquina máquina máquina

Test of line 100% of conformity of the product. Pressure of work at 36 Bar with air and testing 270 products for hour. Test of type, applying aal the national and international norms. Work pressure to 1200Bar and temperature control between -35ºC to +180ºC. Analyse of conformation, estanqueidade, molecular conformation and rupture.

Petriun - Distribution Maximator
Development of special machines.
Test with hight and low pressure: liquid, air and gas, automation for Industry, fast devices and hooks - São Paulo