Petriun, a company specialized in test equipment for both high and low pressure ( using liquids, air or gas as test fluid) is composed of and directed by professionals with great experience in the development of customer-tailored machines, industrial automation, development of test jigs and fast hooks.

We are authorized distributor and exclusive of the MAXIMATOR for the whole Brazil, the most famous and concepted international companies which produce solutions for high pressure. Our company is specialized in high pressure, and provideds numerous facilities and quality  to all our customers in wherever point  of the Brazil. Adding dynamism and creativity to realism and conscience of today´s and future


Develop solutions which allow our customers to improve their production processes, always respecting ethics, costumer respect and professionalism.



Innovation, credibility and security combined with competitive prices and a solid growth in the global market.


  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Total quality;
  • Results;
  • Continuous improvement;
  • Environment care;

Petriun - Distribution Maximator
Development of special machines.
Test with hight and low pressure: liquid, air and gas, automation for Industry, fast devices and hooks - São Paulo