Petriun is a company consisting of and directed by professionals with great experience in the development of special machines, (primarily high and low pressure test equipment using liquids, air or gas as test medium), industrial automation, development of test jigs and fast hooks [ Know + ].

High Pressure Solution

Project, engineering and commercialization of system and high-pressure products.
Exclusive distribution Maximator. (Know +)



FFBesides complying with national and international standards, we take special care that our machines are constructed according to ergonomic principles.

The developed machines use the most diverse and modern technological resources, providing a highly favorable cost-benefit ratio. We tailor our machines to give you more options and better solutions at a reasonable price.


Petriun - Distribution Maximator
Development of special machines.
Test with hight and low pressure: liquid, air and gas, automation for Industry, fast devices and hooks - São Paulo